Levittown Y.O.U.T.H. (Levittown Youth Organizers United to Help)

“Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Future”

Levittown Y.O.U.T.H. welcomes new members to participate in meetings, projects, and campaigns. Our meetings are held once a month at YES Community Counseling Center*. Youth volunteers are required to sign a membership agreement, with parental consent.  Members will be notified of meetings via e-mail. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed while projects are in progress. Members decide which projects the best fit into the strategic plan.

It is a requirement that youth coalition members attend a minimum of three (3) meetings per school year to maintain their membership and obtain community service hours, if applicable. In addition, youth coalition members are required to participate in a minimum of two coalition projects per school year. Members of the coalitinon serve as role models and represent the mission of the Levittown Community Action Coalition (LCAC) for Safe and Drug-Free Youth. As such, youth coalition members must agree not to smoke, vape, or use alcohol or illegal drugs while involved in the coalition. This includes special occasions.

Through their leadership skills, youth coalition members create positive change in the Levittown community by raising awareness about the risks and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse among youth and helping to reduce access to these substances. We accomplish this through a variety of projects, including: Sticker Shock Campaign, Drug Take Back Events, Environmental Scans, Media Campaigns, Town Hall Meetings, and Presentations. Anyone interested in participating in the LYOUTH should contact: Larissa Singh, YES Community Counseling Center:  516-799-3203, or email: emamtsaderis@yesccc.org

*Currently the Youth Coalition is meeting monthly via Zoom.

A permission form must be completed for in-person meetings and community service projects held at YES Community Counseling Center. Download the form below and return it to Janet Lombardo, Project Coordinator for LCAC.