In 2015, LCAC was founded and has continued to address the issues of heroin, opiates and prescription drug misuse; underage drinking, and substance use among youth in the Levittown and Island Trees communities. We work under the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) including assessment, capacity building, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation. 

Our vision is for residents of the Levittown and surrounding communities to respond to life’s challenges without resorting to the use and abuse of alcohol, opiates or other drugs and to continue to support a community where people feel safe, valued, connected and empowered. 

LCAC is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals representing local and state stakeholder who share in the mission of working together to reduce substance misuse. We recognize that complex issues faced by individuals requires recognition, education and awareness.

We are working to:

Increase awareness and engage the community in managing medication for themselves and their families.

Provide education regarding the negative impact and influence of substance misuse.

Enhance skills of community leaders, parents, educators, and our youth through trainings in evidence-based practices and programs that are proven to be effective in reducing early onset of substance use.