School Programs

Too Good for Drugs and Violence After-School Program

Too Good for Drugs and Violence After-School Program is implemented in Island Trees elementary, middle, and high schools and is delivered by dedicated health teachers and student volunteers to help students develop coping skills, build self-esteem, and enhance mental, physical, and emotional health while having fun!

Too Good is a comprehensive family of evidence-based substance use and violence prevention interventions designed to mitigate the risk factors linked to problem behaviors and build protection within the child to resist problem behaviors.

Too Good develops and reinforces a comprehensive skills framework including setting reachable goals, making responsible decisions, identifying and managing emotions, and effectively communicating. The program promotes peer-pressure refusal, pro-social peer bonding, and peaceful conflict resolution skills. 

Too Good programs are universal prevention interventions that target children and adolescents Grades K-12 and build the basis for a safe, supportive, and respectful learning environment.

Teen Intervene is a nationally recognized, evidence-based curriculum administered by Levittown social workers in partnership with YES Community Counseling Center. Implemented in all Island Trees middle and high schools, this curriculum focuses on building a healthy foundation for youth to make healthy choices. 

Teen Intervene

Teen Intervene is an early intervention program targeting 12- to 19-year-olds who display the early stages of alcohol or drug use problems (e.g., using or possessing drugs during school) but do not use these substances daily or demonstrate substance dependence. Integrating the stages of change theory, motivational enhancement, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, this intervention aims to help teens reduce and ultimately eliminate their alcohol and other drug use.

The Teen Intervene model integrates a variety of techniques to establish behavior change goals with the adolescent. Teen Intervene is designed to help youth:

  • Learn new skills that promote healthier behaviors
  • Take responsibility for self-change
  • Understand the treatment approach
  • Use the treatment session(s) effectively