Active Parenting

Because kids do not come with instructions.

Active Parenting workshops are perhaps the most effective programs ever offered in the “how to” of raising children. By offering customized programs for parents of children in grades kindergarten through six as well as for parents of teens in grades seven through twelve, YES Community Counseling Center and Levittown Community Action Coalition help families communicate with their children and teens to reduce substance misuse and ensure a healthy Levittown.

Active Parenting and Active Parenting of Teens are designed to equip parents and guardians with new skills and enhance the ones they already have in order to face the many challenges that can occur during the lifetime journey of a parent. The video-based parent education series addresses a variety of age-related issues and topics.

Active Parenting strives to improve parent communication with children and show them how to teach responsibility and other important values; handle problems as they come up; defuse power struggles; cope with difficult topics such as drugs, bullying and sex; stimulate independence as children grow older; and encourage kids to be their best!

Active Parenting of Teens seeks to help parents effectively communicate with their teens (it can be done!); understand a teen's goal - which is key to avoiding power struggles; provide teens with tools to behave in a responsible way; and reduce the risks of alcohol, drugs, sexuality and violence during the teen years.

If you are interested in attending one of these trainings as ran throughout the year, please contact Eileen at or by calling 516-799-3203 ext. 211. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Active Parenting