LCAC's Sticker Shock Prevention Campaign Supported by local Levittown Businesses

Levittown, NY – This summer, Levittown businesses joined forces with Levittown Community Action Coalition (LCAC), Levittown Young Organizers United to Help (LYOUTH), and YES Community Counseling Center’s Youth Ambassadors program to spread an important message regarding youth substance use: “Alcohol and Teens Don’t Mix: Don’t Buy for Minors.”

The message comes as a part of a national prevention campaign called Sticker Shock, which highlights the importance of parents, businesses, and community members serving as healthy role models and not providing alcohol to teens. Throughout the month of July and August, youth from LYOUTH and Youth Ambassadors delivered stickers to be put on pizza boxes, alcohol boxes, cases, receipts, and more with the message, “Alcohol Teens Don’t Mix: Don’t Buy for Minors.” This was done to support local businesses in ensuring patrons are not supplying alcohol to minors and to stress the importance of preventing underage drinking to families and community members across Levittown. The stickers also linked patrons to resources on how to talk with their children about substance use, its associated effects on health and the developing brain, and how to prevent alcohol use. Please remember, anyone over the age of 18 is breaking the law if they give alcohol, marijuana, or opiates to an individual under the age of 21.

LCAC acknowledges and thanks the following businesses for their participation in Sticker Shock this year: Calda Pizza, AJ7 Wine and Liquor, E Smoke x Beer Island, Virpa Quick Stop, Domenico’s of Levittown, Pat’s Pizzeria and Restaurant, and Mario’s Pizzeria of Levittown. Please visit these locations and thank them for their contribution to reducing underage drinking in Levittown.

LCAC hopes to continue offering participation in their Sticker Shock campaign to local businesses throughout the fall. To learn more about LCAC’s efforts and help be a part of the solution to prevent underage drinking and substance use, visit or contact LCAC’s Project Coordinator at (516) 719-0313 x 223 or email

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Sticker Shock Beer Island
Students placing stickers with the message "Alcohol and Teens Don't Mix. Don't Buy for Minors," on alcohol products at E Smoke x Beer Island on Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown.
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Students pose with Sticker Shock stickers and bottle neck hangers to be given out to local businesses.

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